3-way rotary mixing valve AFRISO

3-drogowy obrotowy zawór mieszający ARV
Характеристика устройства

3-way rotary mixing valve is made of brass. It is equipped with the knob for manual adjustment.

3-way ARV valves are normally used as mixing valves, where the desired water temperature is obtained by mixing hot water from the boiler with cooler water from the return, in suitable proportions. However, they can also be used as insolation or switching valves, where the distribution of stream of water from the boiler into two circuits is required. The readable scale indicated on the knob lid allows precise determination of the degree of valve opening. The bold element of the knob circuit reflects the position of the speculum inside the valve. Each valve is supplied with two lids having the following scale: one with the graduation “from 0 to 10”, second with the graduation “from 10 to 0”. This facilitates setting and reading of the degree of the  valve opening in different installation positions. ARV valves cooperate with ARM actuators with the rotation angle of 90 degrees, which enables the automation of their operation. They can be used in systems with clean water or water containing up to 50% glycol.