Semi-automatic boilers

mj-5 przekrój otwarty

  • Hard coal

  • Seasoned wood

  • Mixture of fine coal
    and hard coal
  • kocioł-zamkniety-półautomatyczne
  • kociol-otwarty-półautomatyczne
  • kociol-3d
  • 360-stopni
  • ikona-grubosc
    Certified boiler steel (P265GH) with the thickness of 6 mm

  • 4 year warranty for the leakproofness of the exchanger

  • Electronic adjustment of the boiler, controller for 2 C.O. and C.W.U. pumps

  • Boiler has the highly efficient grille with the water flow

  • Modern and silent draught fan
  • wiekszy zasyp
    Enlarged combustion chamber allowing greater bulldozing in
Device characteristics

MJ-5 type boilers are modern and ecological heating devices, designed for combustion of fine coal.
They are used for heating production halls, henhouses, greenhouses, etc. The applied original design of horizontal and vertical envelopes, in which the fume flow path is very long, makes this device very efficient and cost effective.

Equipment including the electronic controller and draught fan allows you to maintain the constant temperature set by the user. Fuel: fine coal, mixture of fine coal and hard coal, hard coal, wood.

Specifications of the boiler Mj-5