Semi-automatic boilers

mj-3 przekrój otwarty

  • Hard coal

  • Seasoned wood

  • Mixture of fine coal
    and hard coal
  • kocioł-zamkniety-półautomatyczne
  • kociol-otwarty-półautomatyczne
  • kociol-3d
  • 360-stopni
  • ikona-grubosc
    Certified boiler steel (P265GH) with the thickness of 6 mm

  • 4 year warranty for the leakproofness of the exchanger

  • Movable grille for better ash removal (boilers up to 35 kW)

  • Boiler has the highly efficient grille with the water flow

  • Multipoint air supply
  • wiekszy zasyp
    Enlarged combustion chamber allowing greater bulldozing in
  • regulacjia spalania markownikiem
    Possibility to adjust the combustion by means of the draught regulator (option)
  • elektroniczna regulacja kotla
    Electronic adjustment of the boiler, controller for 2 C.O. and C.W.U. pumps
Device characteristics

Introduced innovative solutions and aesthetic appearance make MJ-3 type boilers highly efficient and ecological heating devices. Thanks to the application of the modern design in the form of the limited number of welded joints, the life of boilers has been greatly prolonged, while the enveloped system of chambers allows the maximum heat receipt from fumes.

Modern controller allows the connection of the C.O. and C.W.U. circulation pump, at the same time increasing the comfort of use of the boiler. The innovative multipoint air supply system, which is entered into the combustion chamber by means of the controller and low-noise draught fan, makes the boilers characterized by high efficiency, as well as uniform and sustained combustion. The boiler also has the cast iron movable grille and water grille, which effectively receives heat from the burning fuel.
Since the boiler structure allows upper combustion, we can also use only the fine coal as fuel. Fuel: fine coal, mixture of fine coal and hard coal, hard coal, seasoned wood (min. 2 years).

Specifications of the boiler Mj-3