Manual boilers

mj-1 przekrój otwarty

  • Hard coal

  • Seasoned wood

  • Mixture of fine coal
    and hard coal
  • kociol-zamkniety-drex
  • kociol-otwarty-drex
  • kociol-3d
  • 360-stopni
  • ikona-grubosc
    Certified boiler steel (P265GH) with the thickness of 6 mm

  • 4 year warranty for the leakproofness of the exchanger

  • Movable grille for better ash removal (boilers up to 35 kW)

  • Boiler has the highly efficient grille with the water flow

  • Wide range of various capacities of boilers
  • regulacjia spalania markownikiem
    Possibility to adjust the combustion by means of the draught regulator(option)
  • latwa obsluga
    Easy operation and manual boiler control
Device characteristics

Technically improved and visually refreshed series of MJ-1 boilers is the proven design adapted to the combustion of solid fuels, with the large hopper and easy cleaning of convection channels.
The boiler structure is designed the way that the flame obtained from the burning fuel runs around the maximum possible surface of the heat exchanger. The boiler is equipped with the cast iron movable grille and water grille, which effectively receives the heat from the burning heating fuel.

Thanks to the application of four water laths located in the level, there was obtained the high increase in efficiency, making the MJ-1 boiler series used maximally to the energy extent, while using the natural gas flue. Fuel: hard coal, seasoned wood.

Specifications of the boiler Mj-1