Manual boilers

drex otwarty

  • Hard coal

  • Seasoned wood

  • Wood briquette
  • kociol-zamkniety-drex
  • kociol-otwarty-drex
  • kociol-3d
  • 360-stopni
  • ikona-grubosc
    Certified boiler steel (P265GH) with the thickness of 6 mm

  • 4 year warranty for the leakproofness of the exchanger

  • Movable grille for better ash removal (boilers up to 35 kW)

  • Boiler has the highly efficient grille with the water flow

  • Enlarged combustion chamber with the length of 50-55 cm
  • regulacjia spalania markownikiem
    Possibility to adjust the combustion by means of the draught regulator (option)
Device characteristics

DREX is the boiler for solid fuels, designed for burning wood in the form of logs. Boilers operate using the natural air draught, by means of the flap in the ash door, which can be adjusted manually or by means of the draught regulator, and the combustion process does not require the use of electricity.

Spacious combustion chamber and wide loading door enable burning large pieces of wood with the length of up to 55 cm*, without the necessity of its grinding. DREX is the boiler with a simple, but well thought-out design, which ensures its reliable operation and good combustion parameters. The boiler, equipped with the solid cast iron movable grille, was also adapted to the operation with the chimney draught regulator. It is perfect for supplying gravity installations.

Fuel: seasoned wood in pieces. Alternative fuel: hard coal, wood briquette. It has the blinded blowing channel, so that we can control the boiler operation by means of the controller and fan (optional).

*length of the hopper for the input of 20 kW and 24 kW.

Specifications of the boiler Drex