Kitchen with stove Zosia
Kitchen with stove

pieokuchnia zosia przekrój otwarty

  • Hard coal

  • Seasonal wood
  • kociol-zamkniety-zosia
  • kociol-otwarty-zosia
  • kociol-3d
  • 360-stopni

  • Certified boiler steel (P265GH) with the thickness of 5 mm

  • 4 year warranty for the leakproofness of the exchanger

  • Removable grille made of cast iron

  • Operation: summer/winter

  • Possibility to adjust the combustion by means of the draught regulator
  • ruszt h2o
    Boiler has the highly efficient grille with the water flow
Device characteristics

The kitchen with strove ZOSIA is the modern, highly efficient and aesthetic device used for heating single-family houses, garages and utility rooms. The boiler can also operate outside of the heating season in the system with the boiler for hot water and as the kitchen (cast iron stovetop).


Kitchen with stove exchanger is made of high-quality certified boiler metal sheet (P265GH) with the thickness of 5 mm.
The upper part of the kitchen with stove is made of the cast iron hob plate with two warming pans to heat meals.

By raising the warming pan, it is possible to refuel from the top, without opening the door.

Specifications of the boiler Zosia