WPA 117 radial fan

wiatrak wpa117
Device characteristics

Purpose – the fan is designed to blow air into the furnaces of CO boilers.
It can also be used for general ventilation of rooms and technological devices.
It can be operated at an ambient temperature from 0 degrees of Celsius to +40 degrees of Celsius.

Structure – the fan consists of two parts of the aluminum housing,
in which there is installed the engine with the external impeller.
The inlet opening is protected by means of the grid.
The outlet opening is finished with the flange with holes for fixing.

Engine type: WPA 117
Engine type: R2E 120-AR87-37
Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz
Max. accumulation: 280 Pa
Max. performance: 180 m3/h
Rotational speed: 1650 rpm
Power consumption: 34 W