RV13AM fan

wiatrak rv13am
Device characteristics

The fan housing is made of aluminum alloy. The engine with the external impeller, placed inside the housing, is fixed by means of M4 screws. The metal fan impeller is fixed directly on the external impeller of the engine. The air inlet of the fan is protected by the cover preventing touching moving parts/ turbine by hand. All electrical connections are placed in the junction box made of insulating material. The fan engine is suitable for voltage rotational speed control. The fan has the CE declaration. RV-12 type fans in various forms are designed for blowing air in C.O. boilers and other technological devices at ambient temperature from -15 degrees of Celsius to +40 degrees of Celsius, in a relative humidity of up to 95%. The fan is not designed for the operation as a standalone device for home use or the like. Basic application – coal furnaces, furnaces with retort feeder from 25 to 50 kW.


Propulsion engine type: inductive with operating condenser, external impeller
Rated voltage: 230 V
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Power consumption: 70 W
Rated current: 0.35 A
Max. performance: 240 m3/h
Max. accumulation: 310 Pa
Rotations at max. performance: 2450 rpm
Rotations at max. accumulation: 2850 rpm
Type of work: S1
Location of work: any
Degree of protection: IP 20
Basic insulation: Class B
Protection against abnormal use: engine thermal fuse
Sound power level < 60 dB (A)
Weight: 2.0 kg
Minimum supply voltage: 80 V