Boilers class 5

biotec przekrój otwarty
  • brykiet
    Pellet drzewny
    6 -8 mm
  • ikona-grubosc
    Approved steel for boilers P265GH with a thickness of 6 mm
  • sterowanie-pid
    PID control
  • autom-rozpoalanie
    Automatic combustion process
  • zawirowacz-spalin
    Exhaust eddying devices
  • panele-ceramiczne
    Ceramic panels stabilizing the combustion process
  • gwarancja 5 lat
    5-year-warranty for the tightness of the exchanger
  • sprawnosc cieplna
    Efficiency ~ 90%
  • dodatkowa izolacja
    Additional thermal insulation
  • obsluga zaworu mieszajacego
    Operation of the mixing valve and 2 pumps
  • uklad zamkniety
    Working in a closed system
  • regulator pokojowy
    Room controller (optional)
Device characteristics

BIOTEC is a fully ecological boiler, designed for the combustion of wood pellets using a modern control method, through an advanced controller ST-976 with PID. Multifunctional boiler controller allows full control of the degree of fuel metering, control of the automatic combustion of pellet and control of combustion process parameters. Automatic fuel combustion, extinguishing the fire and fire support system, after reaching the desired temperature, provides the possibility of continuous operation of the boiler and cooperation with the c.w.u. tank in the summer.
Top-quality materials, used in the production of the cast iron burner, guarantee its long-term performance, while the appropriate design of the exchanger is made of the certified boiler steel P265GH with a thickness of 6 mm. Exhaust eddying devices and ceramic components provide optimal conditions for fuel combustion, high efficiency and low emissions.
Boiler meets the requirements of energy and emission testing, class 5, of PN EN 302-5:2012, attested by the certificate no. OS/187/CUE, issued by the accredited Boilers and Heating Equipment Research Laboratory in Lodz.

Specifications of the boiler Biotec