WZS-2 heat discharge coil

Wężownica schładzająca WZS-2
Device characteristics

WZS-2 heat discharge coil, together with the single-function valve, cools down the system when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees of Celsius, at the same time preventing water boiling. In some boilers, the heat discharge coil is already built-in (internal coil) in the boiler. In other steel boilers and in all cast iron boilers, the coil must be plugged into the system as a separate element.

The coil can be used in systems with boilers with the capacity of up to 75 kW. Boilers with greater capacity must be secured by means of the dual-function valve, e.g. Regulus DBV-1.

Technical data:

– for boilers with the capacity: 10-34 kW
– cooling spiral surface: 0.17 m2
– minimum cooling water flow: 15 l/min
– weight: 8 kg


– power supply: 1 ½” (GZ)
– coil stub pipes: ½” (GZ)