Dual-function cooling valve: Regulus DBV

Zawór schładzający dwufunkcyjny Regulus DBV
Device characteristics

During installation, you have to remember that the sensor located at the bottom of the valve is immersed in the flowing heating water; proper installation is, for example, the installation directly in the boiler. Installation of the valve on too distant T-connector can cause too low temperature reading.

Installation can be performed only by a properly trained person. For the smooth operation of the two-way thermostatic cooling valve (hereinafter referred to as DBV), it is necessary to maintain the predicted conditions for its installation, as well as to maintain the flow direction indicated on the valve body. The valve should be always installed on the hot water output or directly on the boiler, in its upper part, where the heated water is introduced to the heating system. During the installation of the DBV valve, it is necessary to check whether the ¾” socket, used on the tube or on the boiler, will allow complete immersion of the thermostatic part of the valve. Upon installation of the valve in the ¾” thread, you must connect the drain pipe to the point “C” (see Figure 1), through which hot water will be released from the boiler. Connect the input of cold water to the point “A”, which will supply the water cooling the boiler upon switching on the valve. At the entrance of cold water there must be installed the filter protecting the valve from contamination. Connect the pipe to the point “B”, which will be connected to the water return from the heating system near the boiler (see Figure 2).

The valve can be installed vertically or horizontally. When installed horizontally, it is necessary that the output of hot water “C” is faced downward. The valve cannot be installed with the valve head faced downward.

At the inlet of fresh water there must be installed the anticontamination valve.

Opening temperature: 100oC (+0oC -50oC)
Maximum temperature: 120oC
Maximum pressure in the boiler: 4 bar
Maximum pressure of cooling water: 6 bar
(It may be necessary to use the pressure reducer)

Nominal water flow for Δp 1 bar : 1.8 m3/h

Thread: ¾”