Air draught regulator – Regulus RT3 – ¾”

Miarkownik ciągu powietrza Regulus RT3 - 3/4"
Device characteristics

Thermostatic draught regulators are used to adjust the performance of boilers for solid fuels by opening and closing the burnt air supply flap. Their advantage is durable design that is resistant to mechanical and thermal damage. Thanks to the double scale, regulators can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions. The application of the thermostatic element of a good quality, supplied by a reputable French manufacturer, ensures high accuracy and long life of regulators.
Air draught regulator is designed for self-adjustment of water temperature in C.O. boilers, in the range of 30-90 degrees of Celsius.
Under the influence of water, the air draught regulator sensor acts on the lever connected by means of the chain with the air diaphragm to the furnace, by closing or opening the diaphragm.

Temperature range: from 30 degrees of Celsius to 90 degrees of Celsius
Maximum water temperature: 120 degrees of Celsius
Maximum ambient temperature: 60 degrees of Celsius
Maximum chain load: 800 g
Chain length: 118 cm
Lever length: 14.5 + 12 cm
Possibility of installation: vertically, horizontally
Thread: ¾”, ½”, 1”