When explosions in the boiler occur?

Dodano: 09:01, 17/01/2017

During the break in the operation of the airflow of the boiler the temperature of the furnace drops below the temperature of ignition of gases generated by fuel, which increases their concentration in the combustion chamber. Re-switching the fan results in the increase in the temperature of ignition of gases in a short time (above 300-400 degrees of Celsius), which causes their sudden ignition. Combustion of accumulated gases increases the pressure, which results in the explosion.

Additional causes of the accumulation of gases in the combustion chamber of the boiler:
– incorrect chimney draught
– poor fuel quality
– too rare frequency of blow cycles
– no heat reception
– heat consumer twisted or throttled with thermostatic valves
– aerated system or boiler
– boiler incorrectly matched to the usable area
– improperly set parameters of boiler control