The occurrence of the clacking effect on water grills in the boiler?

Dodano: 09:01, 17/01/2017

Clacking on water grills in the hopper boiler is a sign of the local heating of water above the boiling temperature. The reason for this phenomenon is the poor water circulation.

What to do to eliminate it?

– the system does not have the C.O. circulation pump.
– if you have the circulation pump, then you should increase its scope of operation or change the pump for a bigger one (e.g. in the case where the installation area is greater than the one assumed for the capacity of the pump specified by the manufacturer)
– change the manner of inflaming for a slower one, at which occurs the lower combustion gas temperature
– check whether the boiler is leveled (at vertical deviations there may occur non-uniform distribution of water in the boiler)